Vevor Pottery wheel review

Vevor Pottery Wheel Review

Vevor Pottery wheel review

I shared the following review to a number of social media groups last month;

“A student brought their wheel into the pottery this week. She paid £70 for it new. These wheels are currently all over the internet (they have gone up in price a bit, £100-£130). They are usually branded under the name Vevor. I had quite low expectations of it,   however I was proved wrong. The motor is very quiet, the wheel works well at low speeds and high speeds, the foot controller is very precise and the wheel has plenty of traction, torque and momentum (at least with a 12 ounce ball of clay). The wheel weighs very little and is very transportable. Okay it’s not perfect, you need to make a small table for it to raise it off the ground, cos it’s a bit on the small side and the tray digs into your arms a bit and doesn’t hold much water. However for the price it represents great value for money and for somebody wanting to learn how to throw on a budget, it really isn’t such a bad option. It would be excellent for children, as it’s a bit smaller than a standard wheel. I’ve no idea what the longevity of these wheels is. I guess time will tell.”

Since writing this review I have had quite a lot of negative and positive responses to this wheel. Some people have had the wheel for over 12 months and all is still well (the student that brought the wheel in to show me has had it for two years now. She recently sent me photos of the studs she has put into the wheel head to take wooden bats). Some people found the wheel only lasted a few weeks before breaking. One lady said the wheel stopped working after one day (she was reimbursed her money). One person said the wheel worked fine until they tried to centre a 5lb ball of clay on it, this apparently finished it off.

Vevor pottery wheel review - throwing
Vevor pottery wheel review – throwing a vase

It does seem that you are taking a bit of a risk buying this wheel. Maybe you will be lucky? If you do buy one I’d definitely only use small balls of clay, say up to 1lb and keep mopping out the water, as this may well increase the longevity. If you can get it for as little as £70 and it lasts 6 months with weekly use, you have probably got a bargain. My student actually managed to practise and learn the basics of throwing bowls and cylinders on hers.

I hope you have enjoyed my Vevor Pottery wheel review. Please email me and let me know your experience with a Vevor wheel.

Vevor pottery wheel review - sudded wheel head
Vevor pottery wheel review – Wheel head with studs to take a bat

2 thoughts on “Vevor Pottery Wheel Review


    Hi Lee, I think as long as folk have their eyes open and treat the wheel well without overloading it this would work well to start off with.
    I got my second wheel which is a Clay Boss used for $160.00 and it had only been used by a granddaughter maybe 5 times. They were never going to recoup the cost of a fairly stiff investment and may have been better off with one of the lesser expensive wheels as a trial. I feel these are a good option especially if folk don’t have the money to spend on an expensive wheel.
    I bought a Shimpo Aspire back in 2017 which I still use for all my throwing and have been very happy with it. I remodeled the slop tray by designing and 3D printing an extension catch box with a hose going down into a bucket, made me even happier. You can see the yellow box on that wee video I posted on Facebook.
    This was another good review for folk to consider and as long as they don’t expect too much they will probably find a place in their pottery adventure where it will work just fine.

  2. Justine

    Great and true review Lee, this little wheel has enabled me to develop my skills and enjoy pottery without a huge initial expense. Invest in lessons then equipment I say!!!
    When I got it home from your studio it didn’t work but we quickly worked out it was the foot pedal, a wire had come loose but within 2 minutes it was reconnected and back up and working wonders again!!!
    A great starter wheel

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