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Latest news – The limited edition is now sold out

brexitmugIn November 2019, I uploaded a photo of a mug I’d thrown & decorated on a whim to Facebook and jokingly captioned it:

Limited edition commemorative Brexit mug available from 29th March 2019.

By complete coincidence, it happened to be the same day that UK and EU negotiators come up with a draft Brexit agreement.  Somewhat to my surprise, it has provoked lots of responses. (I was only expecting a few sarcy comments from mates.)

I had had no intention of making it commercially – it is much more time consuming than other mugs I make due to having to painstakingly carve out the letters individually.  (Potters refer to this technique as ‘Devil’s Work’ for a good reason.)  I feared it would be too expensive (apart from the emailer who generously said ‘name your price’.)   (I also didn’t want to spend too many days staring at the word Brexit.)

Brexit mug by Lee Cartledge

Brexit mug by Lee Cartledge


I am happy for other potters to copy my design provided they let me know and donate 10% of sales to MNDA. (Potters, roll your sleeves up, most people wanted them as Christmas presents for relatives.)  It would be nice to think that a little good had come out of this current mess we’re in.

I am thinking of donating one to my local MP, a Mr Julian Smith, aka the Chief Whip – he’ll be in need of a strong Yorkshire brew at the moment.

You could always try to make your own, here is a video of me throwing a similar mug.

We also run heavily in demand pottery courses.

Here are a few of my favourite responses:

“sign me up. whatever you charge it will be a better deal than the thing its commemorating”

“can you do a Jacob Rees-Mug?”

“I’d like to buy one for my uncle. He can make himself a nice cup of British tea every morning. Woe betide anyone who points out he has wet trousers.”

It’s an interesting idea…but I just don’t think it’ll hold water”

“Well done for figuratively representing an unworkable concept so perfectly!”

” I think that to be truly authentically brexit, buyers should pay now, then wait an unspecified amount of time for ‘brexit’ to be delivered, and with no idea of what quality it would be. I’d be happy to be on the list!”

“I think what you’ve done is brilliant. It ranks alongside Duchamps urinal in subversiveness!”

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