Pottery Demonstration Videos

We have compiled a number of pottery demonstration videos. The first three videos are teaching the basic techniques:

Lesson One – How to centre a ball of clay:

Lesson Two – How to open out a ball of clay:

Lesson Three – How to pull up the walls:

Lesson Four – How to make simple bowl shapes.

Lesson Five – How to throw cylinders

How to throw Coffee pots;

How to throw small jugs:

How to throw storage jars:

How to throw a straight mug

How to throw a Goblet

How to throw a biscuit barrel

How to throw a utensil jar

This is Lee throwing a vase:

Kathy Throwing a bowl:

How to throw a salt pig:

Kathy throwing mugs:

How to throw a Matcha Whisk holder:

12 thoughts on “Pottery Demonstration Videos

  1. Elaine Gisbourne

    Had an amazing time yesterday afternoon; my friend and I, both absolute beginners, learning how to make bowls and vases on the wheel. Thank you Lee, it was great! Now transfixed by your videos,and sitting here, much to the amusement of my family, practising on an imaginary ball of clay! Can’t wait to have another go.

    1. lee Post author

      Hi Elaine, I’m really glad you enjoyed it & hope the videos continue to prove useful for you.

  2. Jeffrey Campbell

    Good evening to the Cartledges,
    Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to post these video. They are invaluable. I am in my first year with pottery and feel that I have gained half again as much insight watching your demonstrations as I have taking 6 months of ceramic courses at the local community college. I hope someday to be able to stop by Bentham Pottery and thank you in person. (And purchase a piece of pottery or two). Thanks again,
    Jeff Campbell

    1. lee Post author

      Glad that you have found them of use Jeff. I look forward to meeting you at some stage.

  3. Carol

    These videos are great! I am really inspired by them ,and seriously considering signing up for a course with you this year.

  4. Glen

    Really had a great time and learnt loads, and not just about throwing pots. We are both looking forward to seeing the final pieces, Beautiful place to spend a lovely day. Next time we are definitely staying in one of your cottages.

  5. Sally Foster

    We had a lovely afternoon with you learning about pottery. Loved making the pressed bowls and working on the pottery wheel. Shame we don’t live nearer as I would love to have more lessons.
    Thank you,
    Sally and Graham Foster

  6. paul Morris

    Dear Lee…….and the nice and talented lady who also is seen in these videos. I am a beginner,73 yrs of age and anxious to learn. I have searched the internet for help and you sir, are a potters potter and a teachers teacher( as well as the lady in the green shirt) in my opinion. I have a wheel and a kiln and have learned from you how to center already as well as make a cylinder.I like and appreciate how you get right to the point of the project without so much talk.I am retired and have all day to practice and have watched your videos a thousand times. VERY!!! helpful!!! I only wish I could meet you guys in person……sadly I am thousands of miles away and can’t swim that far.I will keep you updated as to my progress. Thank you more than I can say. Paul Morris

  7. Chris Bvundura

    Thank you so much for the videos Lee . I will pop around to discuss the next training for both me and my son.

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